Chemical Recommendation Guide
  To determine the most suitable product from our range to meet your chemical protection requirements, use our guide below.

The Chemical Protection is dedicated to gloves with the EN374 rating, providing protection against liquid chemicals as no glove exists which provides protection against all chemicals. It is vitally important that the glove providing the most effective protection against the chemical and the application is selected. As a general guide, Nitrile gloves provides the most effective protection against oil-based chemicals (solvents, oils and greases) while Natural rubber latex gloves are suited to protect against water based chemicals (acids and alkalis).

Permeation defined - permeation is a process by which a chemical can pass through a protective barrier (e.g. glove) without going through visible openings, such as pores. Thus molecules of the chemical enter the barrier and "wriggle" through by passing between the molecules of the glove compound. In many cases the permeated material may appear unchanged to the human eye.

Permeation performance levels are assessed by measuring the time for a chemical to breakthrough the glove material. Samples, cut from the palms of the gloves are placed in a permeation cell which enables the chemical to be placed in contact with the outer surfaces of the gloves. Our CMIG laboratories are equipped with different measuring instruments to detect any chemical (e.g. solvents, acids, alkalis and salts) that has broken through to the inside surface of the glove sample.

Permeation performance level and breackthrought time (BTT)
Level dot_indice x dot_indice 0 dot_indice 1 dot_indice 2 dot_indice 3 dot_indice 4 dot_indice 5 dot_indice 6
   Times  dot_indice  no test  dot_indice  < 10 mins  dot_indice  > 10 mins  dot_indice  > 30 mins  dot_indice  > 60 mins  dot_indice  > 120 mins  dot_indice  > 240 mins  dot_indice  > 480 mins 

Chemical Recommendation Guide


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